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4:53pm 01-21-2017
While browsing your site I found it to be full of great stuff.I plan on telling my friends and family about this site.
8:55pm 01-07-2016
I enjoyed checking this website.
9:28pm 10-05-2015
Hi ~ just checking out your site.....
11:49am 07-09-2015
Prince Albert tin
12:50am 06-21-2015
Can look for hours, facinating
12:31am 04-05-2015
i am trying to sign the guest book. This is a really cool page.
3:22am 02-17-2015
I really like your web site Thank you Laurie
1:00pm 11-25-2014
Was nice working with you.
12:03am 11-13-2014
Great Site Lerona
Thanks For The Cookies. They are now my favorite.
12:28pm 10-05-2014
I have a variety of collectables that I have finally decide to part with , I don't know what any of my stuff is worth, I have from Tins , dolls, coco-cola tin with the x-mas playing cards in it pretty old, Barbies just a variety of stuff if you could help in anyway from finding out what they are worth and to sell them I would appreciate it
7:55pm 09-27-2014
I am looking for 200 or 250 price clocks or cheaper
10:39am 08-18-2014
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2:18pm 08-01-2014
Please sign my Guestbook. I had over 500 people that had signed my Guestbook over the years using and now the site is down. Excited to hear from everyone who strolls on through Antiques Cove.

Happy Shopping!

Sincerely, Lorena Austin
Owner of Antiques Cove